Ukrainian Association of Positive Psychotherapy

Main Dates

1992 – Navid Peseschkian’s lectures for psychologists in Poltava and Cherkasy. First training seminar in Cherkasy. Positive Psychotherapy started to develop and specialize in Ukraine.

1998 – Ukrainian-German Center of Positive Psychotherapy was established. First Ukrainian basic consultants were certificated.

1998 – Section of Positive Psychotherapy was organized in Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists.

Since 2001 – Summer University for Young Psychologists and Psychotherapists “PSY-ZONE”.

2004 – International WAPP Trainer Seminar was conducted in Odesa.

2006 – Ukrainian Institute of Positive Psychotherapy was established (as an assignee of Ukrainian-German Center of Positive Psychotherapy).

2006 – Basic Course of Positive Psychotherapy was certificated as a program of raising the level of psychologists’ skills by Ukrainian Scientific and Methodical Center of Practical Psychology and Social Work (National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine).

2006-2007 – postgraduate programs (“Couching and counseling in organizations”, “Family Positive Psychotherapy”) were created and certificated as WAPP programs.

2007 — PH.D. V.Karikash got Positive Psychotherapy Award for Continuing Education and Service to Scholarship. He has been the permanent leader of Ukrainian Institute of Positive Psychotherapy and Ukrainian Association of Positive Psychotherapy for 25 years.

2007 – All-Ukrainian project “Positive Psychotherapy in improving of diabetic patient’s life”. Y.Kravchenko and E.Sakalo got Peseschkian Foundation International Award of Excellence in Teaching and Research in Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy for this project in 2010.

2007 – Nossrat Peseschkian visited Ukraine twice in Kyiv and Lviv.

2008 – Ukrainian Association of Positive Psychotherapy was established.

2010 – postgraduate program “Health Coaching” was created and certificated as WAPP program.

2011 – Navid Peseschkian’s seminar “Positive Psychotherapy with Children” in Kyiv.

2014 – First National Trainer Seminar in Odesa.

Three National Trainer Seminars have been organized till now (2014, Odesa; 2015, Dnipro; 2016, Odesa).

Positive Psychotherapy” is included to the curiculum in Khmelnytskiy National University (Ph.D.N.Khanetska); theory of Positive Psychotherapy has been included to different subjects for students-psychologists in Khmelnytskiy National University, Poltava National Pedagogical University named by V.Korolenko, Sumy State Pedagogical University named by A.Makarenko, Carpathian National University named by V.Stefanyk, Nizyn State Pedagogical University named by M.Gogol, Ternopil National Pedagogical University named by V.Gnatiuk etc.

Two theses (Ph.D.) based on Positive Psychotherapy were defended in Ukraine (D.Cherenschykova. 2011, L.Moskalenko, 2016).

Scientific-practice magazine “Positum Ukraine” has been regularly published since 2007.

Three books by Nossrat Peseschkian have been translated, adapted and published (“Positive Family Psychotherapy”, “East and West”, “Positive Stress Coping”).

Chapter “Positive Psychotherapy” (by Ph.D. V.Karikash and Ph.D. L.Moskalenko) was included to the official textbook on psychotherapy recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science (Kyiv) in 2014.

Series of manuals on Positive Psychotherapy were published for students-psychologists of state and private universities (Ph.D. N.Khanetska, Ph.D. N.Penkovska etc), for basic course students (Ph.D. V.Karikash, N.Bosovska, S.Kirichenko, Y.Kravchenko etc).

Actual capacities cards” were created by S.Kirichenko and published by Ukrainian Institute of Positive Psychotherapy.

Since 2006 nine All-Ukrainian and International Conferences on Positive Psychotherapy have been organized (Cherkasy, 2006; Ternopil, 2008; Cherkasy, 2010; Nizhyn, 2012; Ivano-Frankivsk, 2013; Poltava, 2014; Uzhgorod, 2015; Dnipro, 2015; Odesa, 2017, Hamid Peseschkian as Key speaker.).

Two International Online Conferences on Positive Psychotherapy were conducted in 2016 and 2017 (speakers from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria; participants from USA, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium, United Arab Emirates).

Series of webinars are organized for PP-psychotherapists and PP-consultants (Ph.D. V.Karikash, K.Dolynska, Ph.D.Moskalenko etc.).

19 regional centers of Positive Psychotherapy are presented trainings, self-discovery groups and consultations for clients.